Attractive plants which need (hardly any) water 

a) no water at all
b) preferably a large quantity of water e.g. once a month
(rain for instance!)

On condition that the plants have 'taken'; just after planting they need to be taken care of until they show signs of starting to grow.  Lijst van Gill Pound



allium neapolitanum


allium roseum




aphyllanthes monspeliensis








brachiglottis 'Sunshine'

 b for sale at Philippi's, rather easy to make cuttings though


 a Looks like a succulent. About 40cms high bearing long ears of orange flowers several times a year. The yellow type died here which may have been just bad luck.

bupleurum fruticosum

a A good native with blue grey foliage and later in summer greenish yellow flowers. I love them. Wonderful for flower arrangements. Not a very fast grower. Allows itself to be trimmed back severely though.

capparis spinoza

 a Notorious bad starter, but once growing very beautiful. Plant on top of a wall or steep slope. Wonderful flowers.


 a You hardly ever see them for sale, but eventually they will appear anyway. Mostly pink ones, but there are white and coral red ones, the latter quite nice! Cut off regularly to keep them in shape. Self seeds profusely!


 a The easiest to grow from cuttings. When the weather permits (moisture) you can just push some bits into the ground. Will spread, but can always been cut back.

ceratostigma plumbaginoides

 b A must!!! Needs a little water now and then.


 a Many varieties available at Philippi's. Lovely shrubs with wrinkled papery flowers in May, pink or white mainly, often with large blotches in dark red. Can do without water but stay greener with though they are said to die sooner when watered.

convulvulus cneorum


coris monspeliensis


coronilla glauca

 a Fast growing native bush with pretty blue grey leaves. Flowers early in and smells lovely. Self seeds quite well and may be transplanted when small. Very good plant.

cyclamen neapolitanum

 a I think it loves these parts for it spreads fast.


 a Turns ugly in shape when watered.

dichondra 'Silver Falls'

 b Does not need much, but it is watered automatically here. Is a perennial!

digitalis obscura

  b perished in a long drought

erigeron karvinskii

 a Better with some watering. Stops flowering in the heat of summer.

erodium species like pelargonifolium


euphorbia div

 a Euphorbia characias is a native. It will do quite well without water but is more beautiful with. Euphorbia cypariassis is invasive even without a drop, but I love it dearly esp. in spring when it appears with lovely reddish leaves. It is quite easy to transplant a rooted bit. There are quite a few endemic annuals as well.


 a I bought mine at Land's End years ago. In Portugal I saw them in containers which were never watered. Good plants of the ligularia family with large, leathery, round leaves and flowers in October. Snails like them though.

festuca glauca

 a blue grey, thin, small grass. You buy one small pot, take the plant out divide it into e.g. eight bits ...



gazania uniflora

 a lovely silvery grey plant, yellow flowers are a plus. For sale at Gill Pound's

odontites lutea

 a native, annual, square! weed, lovely! Tiny yellow flowers

gele/blauwe morgenster

 a sow


 a like cistus, but in yellow

helichrysum stoechas

 a native 30 cm high blue grey woody plant, greenish yellow flowers, very attractive

hypericum calcynum

 a I have one in the garden, over one meter in width, 30 cm high, yellow flowers in June, dense foliage which gives it its value, dark green, Not very enthusiastic blooming wise ...


 a All types do very well. Rolf Fiedler is the best!

iris germanica

 a They all do very well but look quite untidy when not delivered from withered leaves. Very good for planting on a slope. Flowering season very short, but quite spectacular. Useful for vertical accents.


 a The wild one is rather 'wishy-washy', but there are lots of good types for sale (or have cuttings from)



lobelia laxiflora

 a A large spreading plant which bears orange flowers twice a year. For sale at Philippi 's & at  Gill Pound's




 a 'Heavy Metal' is beautiful




 a But prefers a LOT of water once in a while

ornithogalum narbonense


othonna cheirifolia

 a Unusual plant, its grey leaves grow at an angle on the stems. The (uninteresting) flowers are yellow for sale at Gill Pound's.

oxalis lasiandra


oxalis rubra



 a Some become very big, but there are smaller ones as well. Lovely ribbon type leaves in various colours.


 b There are quite a few pinks which will do well, even without water. Just try them out.

Pistacia lentiscus

 a A lovely native which supports pruning severely. Beautiful leaves esp. in winter when they become purplish. Sometimes gets pink berries.


 a Sow. It is difficult to find them in just one colour

potentilla verna

 a Will stay greener when watered occasionally

robinia pseudoacacia pink flowered   

 a Tree which will have a lovely shape when older Racemes of dark pink flowers in May, like laburnum.

rosa banksiae

 a Some water once in a while esp flowering season, April/May. Nice 'climbing' rose, NO thorns! Yellow, white pompons, but also in a simple white variety.



ruta graveolens

 a Cut back regularly for a better shape


 a Some will really do without any water. Philippi's catalogue is a good guide

schinus mollis  

 a Small tree, pretty leaves. You need a male and a femal to have pink berries. For sale at Jardiland Béziers (guaranteed!)

scilla peruviana

 a Super, but quite expensive

sedum soorten

 a The ones that grow to some height, e.g. 'Matrona' need a bit of water now and then

sempervivum soorten


spartium junceum

 a Becomes ugly in the long run. Reacts very well to cutting down completely after which it will eventually have a nice round shape. A native with a gorgeous perfume.


 a Le scorpion; prickly horror, but pretty flowers in April. Plant at a distance and cut down regularly and it will decorate places where nothing else will grow.

stipa brachytricha..

 a Grass which flowers prettily in pink. Second half of September. For sale at Schrijve's

teucrium soorten

 a Teucrium fruticans is nice for a hedge: silvery leaves and over a long period pale or dark blue flowers. T. cossonii *) is a round pillow bearing pink flowers in early summer. Also t. aureum a variety of a wild growing species which I like a lot as well *) died!


 a Bought in a pot it sometimes won't grow! Plant in autumn!! Apart from that easy. Very small seedlings may be dug up, put in plastic pots and be used in difficult spots like sunny slopes. This can be done with  very young cistus plants as well.


 a Bombicetiferum is super! Sow once!

viburnum 'Tinus'

 a Endemic. Does not grow all that fast. I have once seen a pink form but it was very expensive. Nice though!


 a In our village one grows into an old tree and reaches over 10 meters. Lovely in spring, but not very interesting during the rest of the year. Grows very fast and has to be held in check.

zauschneria 'Dublin'

 a grey leaved plant with bright orange flowers in late summer. For sale at Gill Pound's. Also at Philippi's where it is called: epilobium canum 'Western Hills'